What Kind of Man Will You Attract?



I heard a single man say “Bump twerking, can she cook?” This not only made me laugh, but it also made me think. What are you presenting to the man you are trying attract? If you are advertising your sexy clothes and sexy dance then you are going to attract a man that wants to sleep with you. If you are advertising your bad attitude and bitterness you will attract a thug. If you are advertising holiness and God’s love you will attract a Godly man.  Times have changed and it is so easy for people to know what you are about, or at least what you are putting out.  When you are looking for a job, one of the first things they do is look at your social media pages and check out your history.

***NEWS FLASH*** When a good man wants to marry a good woman, he is looking at her history on her social media page, too.  A God fearing man won’t marry the one who is posted up with her drink in her hand and her breast hanging out. He won’t marry the one who has pictures with a different man every other month. He is looking for God fearing woman who he is not embarrassed to bring in the church and home to his mama.  He needs to be confident that she can raise their children in holiness, if they decide to have any.  And if you look ratchet, he doesn’t want you raising his daughter and have her looking like that.  He wants a woman who loves God and shows it by the fruit that she bears. Take a look in the mirror and take a look at your social media pages.  When the man of your dreams finds you, will you draw him in or drive him away?

***Disclaimer- Notice I said a God fearing man. There are plenty of men who will marry a woman whether she is God fearing or not. There are plenty of good men out there who are not saved. You just have to know what your desire is for you and your family. To each his own!

T Brown