Are you busy doing everything and accomplishing nothing?

Are you busy doing everything and accomplishing nothing? Sometimes, our intentions are to get up and spend that much needed time doing laundry, catching up on e-mails, or spending time with God. But before you know it, one of the children has a fever, someone needs you to do them a favor, the phone rings and the person on the other end takes up half of your day. Women, we have to get a grip on our lives and sometimes we have to learn to say no. Our time is limited and it must be prioritized.

Proverbs 11:1 says A false balance is abomination to the LORD: but a just weight is his delight. Like shekels on a scale, our lives don’t always balance out! Oftentimes, we think we are pleasing God because we are spending a lot of our time doing good things, but not enough of our time doing the most necessary thing. Let me give you a few examples. 

Scenario # 1 You can be at work all day, get off and run errands, cook dinner, help with homework, clean the dishes, prepare for the next day, and hit the bed exhausted!

Scenario #2 You can be in church all day, volunteering at the church all week, putting together church programs, and preparing lessons. Feeling like the only one who is stepping up, you easily get irritated through the planning and preparing stages, and find yourself complaining about everything and by the end of it all you are just tired and frustrated.  

Scenario#3 You can drop the kids off to school, clean house all day, take care of the baby, do laundry, go grocery shopping, volunteer at the school, do your own homework, pick the kids up from school, cook the dinner, take the kids to their after school activities, clean the dinner dishes, iron the kids clothes for the next day, make time for the husband,and finally get to bed.

You probably fit in one, part of one or all of the scenarios and I am tired just imagining your lives. We didn’t even include you taking care of your sick parent, or praying for people and all of the other good things you do. All of these things are great, but if we leave God out of the equation then all we are doing is works! And yes it feels like work. We have to take the time to evaluate the situation and make an executive decision to change the course of our days!

  • First you must remember to keep Jesus at the center of it all and everything revolves around him. By the way that is a wonderful song that Israel Houghton sings and I love it! Keep Jesus at the forefront of your day.
  • Dedicate your day to God daily. “Lord, I thank you for waking me up and giving me life. Direct me on what to do during each hour.”
  • Write a list of to do’s. You need a list for the month, then break down the monthly things into weeks. Then, spread the “to do’s” evenly throughout your days. Don’t try to do it all in one day!
  • Try not to fill up every weekend with activities that tire you out. Make time for Rest & Relaxation.
  • Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. You cannot do it all by yourself.
  • Don’t feel guilty if you can’t find the time to put your kids in every activity the world has to offer. Teach them balance and allow them to choose what they would like to do most. They will appreciate not being overwhelmed in their lives as well.
  • Schedule date nights if you are married. Don’t go to bed so exhausted every night, someone my wind up disappointed.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST- Learn to say no sometimes. Don’t feel obligated to rescue everyone in your life. Have you ever heard the phrase “I have too much on my plate”? You need to choose what you want on your plate. Don’t let people dump their half cooked food and scraps on your plate and you end up sick trying to eat it. If they take control of their own lives and properly prepare the food they need to eat, believe me- they won’t try to dump it on you. They will eat it, enjoy it, and tell you how good it was.

Be encouraged women of God. We have a lot to take on, but with God all things are possible! Well, I hope this encouraged you. Share this with someone else and please let me know your thoughts!

with the love of Christ, 

T Brown